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A developing and energetic day
with focus on individuals and relations.

With an approach that emphasises experience, music and rhythm are used as a framework for personal and interpersonal immersion. Together we create an energetic day through presentations, exercises and reflection. We are able to focus on different subjects such as roles, commitment, management, responsibility, collaboration, flow and motivation.

We all have the gift of enthusiasm, immersion, persistence and coming together in strong collaborative alliances to achieve a shared task. Some call it flow, but pulling power is also a very good way of describing it. This is not something that is reserved for the few. We can all do it. This ability is located in the part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex.

Using the rhythms of stomp and a good sense of humour, it is possible to break down barriers, create an open and positive mental state and establish a community in which we act guided by the part of the brain that takes wise, effective, creative, constructive and energising decisions.

It is also possible simultaneously to use the challenges, start-up problems, responsiveness, mistakes, synergy and musical vitality of stomp to demonstrate and get complicated psychological points across in a comprehensible, transferable and simple way.

These events use stomp as a tool to get points across and to take the mental state of participants to new spaces. Our events are characterised by high levels of professional expertise, intensity, humour and maximum involvement of participants.


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900 Participants

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As organiser of intro events for hundreds of new students I have experienced how Peter Glahn over the years, have become an invaluable partner. Peter manages, in a few hours, to instil a spirit of wanting to form teams, and build networks, across cultural and national backgrounds. We could never achieve to give our Danish, and International, students this understanding of the need for cooperation, by lecturing them for days in a classroom.

Alexander Tørnqvist

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt - Internship & International Student Coordinator



Peter Glahn
Stomp Up Front

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